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Since 2000 TGHI has provided a continuum of programs for underserved residents to find critical needs and living solutions, to develop better health, learn new skills, build stability and a better life.

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Positive Action Through Collaboration (PAC)

This curriculum is designed as a first step toward empowering parents to become more confident in their involvement. Promoting candid conversations on how to identify areas of growth and communication. Topics range from emotions, to environment, to behavior - all with the goal of improving the parent's confidence and inspiring healthier parent-child relationships. Some sections will include life-skill activities to engage your child. This program will be repeated and open for enrollment, but all five sections must be completed to receive the certification. 


Positive Action Through Collaboration (PAC) - Youth Enrollment (ages 10-19)

 This curriculum is designed as a first step toward empowering youth to become more confident in their involvement at home/school as well as to increase youth life skills. Increasing literacy skills, home safety, emotional regulation, self care, peer support and goal setting. The purpose of this program is to break the feeling of isolation when dealing with the natural adjustments that come with adolescence while encouraging healthy Parent/Child support and communication.


Positive Transition Program (PTP) (ages 13-19)

This curriculum is designed as a first step toward helping to prepare those seeking entry-level jobs for the workplace by developing the skill and knowledge that are essential for success. This core soft skills curriculum along with Life Skill components, including the assessment and screening process, case management, career coaching and ongoing retention and advancement support will enable entry-level workers to not only demonstrate their readiness to successfully enter the workplace, but retain and advance in their positions.  


TGHI Pathway to Stability

TGHI provides a continuum of Pathway Programs for more than 400 at-risk clients of all ages in the West Coconut Grove (33133) area. Over 65% of our impoverished residents have little or no income and need these intervention services and training programs to get on track for success, lasting change and a better life.

We work to ensure that our residents:

  • Have access to critical resources,

  • Improve health and health habits,

  • Build new practical, social and employability skills,

  • Linkage to services to find and keep jobs,

  • Linkage to services to retain affordable living solutions.


HIV Testing + PreP

HIV testing with specialized outreached and screening, targeted case managements, individual and family therapy, support group counseling, healthcare-related referrals, education, and health/case managements to persons singly or multiply identified with high-risk behaviors.


Elderly Programs

Providing counseling, social service support, and substance use services to seniors (55+) residing in both public housing and the community at large in District 7 (Coconut Grove and South Miami).

TGHI serves low-income communities where 1 in 4 families battle poverty, illiteracy, drug dependency, HIV, delinquency, teen pregnancy, gangs, crime and hopelessness.

TGHI provides a pathway to a better life.

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